Project Date: 08/01/12

Client: Doxbond Cambridge

Skills: Content Managed, Design, Maintained, SEO,

We have lots of different services, and in a competitive market we need to be able to be found in the search engines for potential new customers and keep our existing customer up to date with any changes.

Doxbond have been a client of ours for a long time, we look after their IT infrastructure and website. This is the fourth generation website which has grown over the years, adding new services as the business has grown and developed.

This CMS site is not a mobile friendly, however is displays correctly on mobile devices as well as desktop browser versions.

This site has been optimised for the search engines for the geographical areas and search phrases that match the services offers. From time to time this site is 'tweaked' to ensure that it is still appearing on the first page of Google.

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