AJ Grab Hire

Project Date: 20/04/16

Client: AJ Grab Hire

Skills: Content Managed, Maintained, Responsive Site, SEO,

More customers are looking for our services on mobile devices, we need a mobile friendly website that shows our services in the specific geographical area that we cover in East Anglia, in particular Cambridgeshire.

Visit AJ Grab Hire (Cambridge) website »

Visit AJ Grab Hire website »

We have built 2 websites for AJ Grab Hire, the first was a simple HTML website which was soon replaced with the current CMS website. The second website (ajgrabhirecambridge.co.uk) is focused on business in and around the Cambridge area and is mobile friendly.

Both website have had extensive SEO to ensure that they perform well in the search engines geograpically for the search phrases required. Currently these websites appear on the first page of Google for a majority of the searches.

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